Canadian Outdoor Press is presently developing an anthology of ghost/haunting stories, and we are accepting submissions from Canadian authors.  The book is scheduled to be published in late 2021.

  • You must be a Canadian citizen

  • The story must be about your own experience with a ghost, ghosts or haunting - which is to say, no third party re-tellings.  Preference will be given to stories which take place in Canada, but consideration is given to all stories

  • It must be original and told in your own words (yes, we do a plagiarism check as part of our due diligence, made possible by the unrelenting efforts of Brad Hoover)

  • Roughly 5,000 words, English (please, no more than 6,000 words)

  • You will have spell checked, and grammar checked your work (try the free version of Grammarly if you're a miserable speller, like me)  

  • The story must not have appeared elsewhere, as yet

  • The work, must not contain identifying personal information (like the name of your neighbour, what school your children attend, your home address, etc.)

  • Before acceptance, you will need to sign an author/publisher agreement which will be sent to you.

                        >>>>>>>>>> Deadline is January 31, 2021 <<<<<<<<<<

Cover Mock-up

What we get out of this

  • We only want the rights to publish your story in our anthology.  You hold the copyright and maintain all other rights, including; right to sell your story elsewhere, movie rights, serial rights, music and performance rights

  • In addition to the rights to publish, we may offer your work, in whole or in part, as an excerpt on our website, and similarly use it for marketing purposes and promotion

  • We get the right to edit for spelling, grammar, brevity, clarity and profanity.  We will never change the intent or style of your story.  We get the right to re-title the work, order your story within the anthology, market the book, ask you for a bio and maybe a picture ... you know, all that 'publisher' stuff that nobody likes

  • We combine your story with similar stories from 8-10 other authors, for an anthology

  • We sell the book (paperback and/or E-Pub) through our distribution partners and hopefully make a little money from our efforts ... I mean, we like ghosts and all, but it would be nice to get a few bucks from this effort

  • We get the right to scuttle the whole project if unforeseen circumstances crop up, but if your story was accepted for publication and you signed the agreement, you still get paid the money - we refer to this as a 100% kill fee.  We also get to push the project timeline further down the road, if needed.

What you get if we accept your story

  • A one-time payment of $50 (fifty) dollars Canadian upon acceptance and signed agreement.  No other money from royalties, commissions or other sources will be forthcoming

  • As noted above, you maintain all your rights.  We are only buying the right to publish your work as part of this specific anthology, use it as an excerpt or for marketing purposes. You may continue to sell the work as you see fit

  • 3 free copies of the book, sent to your home (office, cottage, barn, wherever the post goes in Canada or the US) 

  • Your name on our website, associated with this specific anthology

  • At your next post-Covid school reunion, you get to tell people that you have yet another story published.  


  • Send your work to along with your contact info and a few brief lines of bio, including relevant works that you have had published (A story for the high school newspaper in 1994 is not relevant unless it happens to predict that I'd be soliciting ghost stories in 2020, in which case we need to talk about winning lottery numbers) 

  • Write "Ghost Story Submission" in the subject line

  • Send it before January 31, 2021. Work received after the January 31, 2021deadline will not be acknowledged

  • We will try to get back to everyone who submits a story by the end of February 2021, at which time we will have made our final selections

  • Don't wait until the last minute to send your story - I may or may not suffer from anchoring bias

  • If your story is selected, we will send you a notice along with a publisher/author agreement which must be read, signed and returned

  • Questions, observations, comments, suggestions and concerns directly to me at (Note; please do not send stories to this e-mail.  Stories go to

Looking forward to reading your scary stories.

All the best, Ed


Ed Horner, publisher