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10 Reasons to go Camping in the Fall

I found this list on Camping and Hiking Ideas and I thought I'd share it with you.

Not many people think of camping in the fall. That makes it great news for people who love to camp, like you! If you haven’t thought about the autumn months for camping before now, it might be the time to consider it. Chances are, with the fires raging throughout the States and Canada this summer, you may have not really had the chance to go camping.

Below are ten good reasons why you should consider camping in the fall:

1. Cheaper camping fees.

Many camp sites drop their fees to extremely affordable prices some time in September on. One camp site I have my eye on will dropping theirs from $35.00/night to $13.oo/night after October 10. That’s a strong incentive to go camping right there. Go online and check the camp grounds you want to visit to see if they have year-round camping. They’ll inform you of the fees if they do.

2. It’s quieter.

Less people means more quiet. It’s just that simple. Most people have other things on their minds in the autumn months–they don’t have the time or the inclination to go out and set up camp. Your sleep is better because of the quiet and the cooler weather, too. Imagine waking up and hearing the wind and birds and river instead of the dog and kids and ATVs. Bliss.

3. The Photo opps are amazing.

With the leaves changing color the opportunity for really beautiful pictures is almost endless. Grab your camera and get out there. Beauty awaits! Don’t have a camera? Use your cell phone or iPad.

4. Fire ban is off.

This is a huge plus for me and my family. We love a camp fire, and it’s something we miss when we camp in the summer and the days are hot. This year in B.C. and the south-western U.S. it has been really bad–with the result that campfire bans are nearly everywhere. Once the cooler weather and rainy days hit, the bans stop and we get to have camp fires again! There’s just something about sitting around a fire at night, that makes camping particularly wonderful. If you caught a trout that day, well. It’s just begging to be cooked, isn’t it?

5. Soup, stew, and hot food weather is here.

Soups and stews are easy to prep, easy to throw together, and one of the simplest things to cook or heat up over an open fire. Cooler days are awesome for our quick and easy Chili Pot Pie or Fast Turkey Soup. And you really should check out our Mulled Dr. Pepper for weirdly wonderful hot drink! . Food when camping is always good. Hot food when camping on a cool day is awesome. We also have lots of recipes in our recipe index–check it out for inspiration!

6. Ice in coolers last longer.

It’s such a time and money saver when the ice in your coolers doesn’t melt as fast. (If you really want to save money on ice, camp in the winter. The whole outdoors becomes your refrigerator. But that’s another story, and one best read about here. We’re talking about fall camping right now.) Fellow campers in your group won’t raid the cooler for ice for their drinks quite so often either–hot chocolate is much nicer on a cool day than a cold drink. Except maybe beer.

7. Better camp site choices.

It follows, doesn’t it? If fewer people camp in the fall, your camping site options increase. You can get the one that’s always gone when you normally try and reserve a spot. Pick a date, reserve online, and you’re good to go.

8. It’s an early stress break from getting back into the rat race.

Vacation is over, the kids have started school, everything is winterized, and you’re exhausted. This is the time of year when people often need a break from gearing up for regular life, and don’t take it. Do yourself and your family a favor and go camping one weekend. It’ll help reset those stress levels a little.

9. Bird watching.

If bird watching is something you like to do, even casually, doing it while camping in the fall is just the best! Birds are busy getting stuff together for the cold winter months, and many are migrating. Your normally static bird-watching camping area might become dynamic practically overnight. Vagrant birds, that is, birds who stray outside their normal feeding, breeding or migrating areas, are most commonly seen in the fall as well, so you might catch sight of a breed you normally don’t get a chance to observe. Do not forget your bird book and camera! If you don’t have a camera already, here’s a toy I am seriously considering buying.(Canadian residents interested in a bird-watching camera, click here.)

10. Activity is more comfortable.

Strenuous activities, such as hiking, climbing or exploring, are more comfortable during the cooler weather. That’s great motivation for anyone to get more active during a time when most people are at home and getting into the habit of couch-potato-ing. Exercise is one of the most overlooked and effective treatments for depression and anxiety. So for the sake of your mental health, camp in the fall!

Thanks to Camping and Hiking Ideas

The Family Camping Guide

Day Hikes in Ontario, Vol I.

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