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The Cam Snell Side Trail

An excerpt from Day Hikes of Ontario, Vol. 1.

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Part of the Bruce Trail system that runs through the Hockley Nature Reserve, in the Hockley Valley.

Total distance about 6km.

Time; About 2.5 hours

Difficulty ⭐️⭐️☆☆☆

Walking times vary with weather and trail conditions.


Cam Snell Side Trail

This trail is part of the larger Bruce Trail (blazed in white) which runs north/south through the nature reserve. You will start on the white trail, but after about 1.5km you will see the blue blazed Cam Snell Side Trail on your right (west side of the trail). The Cam Snell is about 2.6km in length and ends a little further south, down the white Bruce Trail. When it comes out on the white trail, you can then turn left (north) and walk back up the trail to the parking lot making the hike about 6km in length.

Or, you can turn right when the Cam Snell ends on the white Bruce Trail and explore further south into the nature reserve, as you can see from the map.

Comments and Special Notes

On our last trip to this section of the Bruce Trail we spotted quite a bit of poison ivy, so stay on the marked trails and you should be OK. This trail also takes you near a farm, near its north end, where there are often horses in the fenced area just off the trail. Don’t feed them and don’t bother them, but pictures from a distance would seem to be OK.

How to Get There

Highway 401 to 410 north. The 410 turns into highway 10 north of Mayfield Road. Continue north on highway 10 to about 3.4km. past Orangeville. Turn right (east) at Hockley Road. Drive about 6.5km to the hamlet of Glen Cross (there may or may not be a sign for Glen Cross) at the intersection of Hockley Road and 3rd Line East. Turn left (north) and follow up the winding road for a distance of about 3.2km to Dunby Road, then turn left. Follow Dunby Rd. about .7km (700m) to a curve in the road and a small parking area on your left. You should see a Bruce Trail access sign here and a wooden stile over a fence. If the small lot is full, park on the side of the road, as far over on the shoulder as you can, but do be careful not to end up in a soft muddy ditch. Total driving distance about 71km. from the intersection of hwy. 427 and 401. About 1 hour 15 minutes with a brief stop for a coffee in Orangeville.

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