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Mouse Trap - The Game That Informs

An excerpt from My Buddhist Journal; A Year in the Life of a Buddhist

The board game Mouse Trap was the real eye opener for me. I just had to have it and bugged my parents for months before Christmas. Finally, I got the game in a beautifully wrapped package on Christmas morning. I loved the

Mouse Trap, Attachment, Impermanence, Buddhism, Buddhist

game and played it with my two sisters and parents. I played it with my friends and a couple of school chums. I even played it by myself. Then it snowed in the middle of January and got cold enough for natural ice at Oakmount Park. Winter had arrived in earnest.

That was the end of Mouse Trap. My skates and toboggan replaced the game. I don’t believe I ever played Mouse Trap again. The game had not changed, I had changed. At that point in my young life I could see, all at once, impermanence, attachment and distraction. Don’t get me started on the “sea monkeys.”

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