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The Complete Family Camping Guide 


For every adult who has ever faced the family camping challenge.  This book shows you how to prepare yourself and your family for a great outdoor getaway. Included are tips for selecting tents, cooking, getting the kids to bed, treating common camp injuries, entertaining the gang, building a fire, securing drinkable water, camp lighting, checklists and much more.  

ISBN 978-0-9953161-8-8  Paperback, perfectbound, 7X10  199 pages


Ed Horner has been camping, hiking, paddling and photographing through Ontario, Saskatchewan and Alberta for 45 years and brings his considerable knowledge, skill-base and expertise to the pages of The Family Camping Guide.

The Complete Family Camping Guide by Edward Horner


  Nine Adventurous Tales of Boys and Their Bicycles   

Nine short stories of boys and the adventures they get up to on their bikes. Causing trouble in High Park, Misadventures in the Black Creek, Nose Dive into Catfish Pond, The Bike to End all Bikes, Meeting Walter, The Giro d'Italia AND MORE. Paperback, 100 pages.  ISBN: 978-1-7771539-5-3  

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Book cover. Freewheeling; Nine Adventurous Tales of Boys and their Bikes

Day Hikes in Ontario Vol. 2

- A perfect companion to Day Hikes in Ontario, Vol. I and  The Family Camping Guide

Download a FREE copy of Day Hikes in Ontario Vol. 2

ISBN E-Book: 978-0-9953161-4-0  

What’s New For Volume II


  • 20 new hikes and hiking areas are introduced from Hardy Lake Provincial Park in the North to the Warsaw Caves Conservation Area in the east to Dundas Valley and the Dofasco 2000 Trail to the south

  • We’ve included an expanded first aid section with the addition of diagnosing and treating; heatstroke, dehydration, sprained ankles and more

  • Greater detail around navigation and trail ratings.  Maps have been enlarged, improved and marked with elevation and GPS coordinates

  • Any hiking in an area as populated as south and central Ontario calls for caution around drinking groundwater and for this reason we’ve included a new section on how to treat water for drinking

  • As our urban environment expands further into wild territory, we may well come into contact with more wild animals, so we’ve expanded the section on managing bear and coyote encounters

  • How to get to the great outdoors can be a hassle, not to mention expensive, so we’ve included a section on transportation alternatives.


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Day Hikes in Ontario Vol. 1 

- The ideal companion to Day Hikes in Ontario Vol. II and The Complet Family Camping Guide

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Drawn from years of hiking throughout Ontario, Ed has put together a dozen of his favourite hikes within a two-hour drive of Toronto.  The book includes;


  • Detailed hike directions • Trail etiquette • How to get there, where to park * Site facilities • Notes on the history and local attractions • Maps • Dozens of full-colour photos of the hikes and surrounding area  • Photography tips • First aid concerns • How to avoid and treat insect bites •How to avoid and manage bears

E-Book ISBN: 978-0-9698297-8-2

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