Audrey is a Registered Psychotherapist in private practice in Toronto, Canada. She works with the body and creativity to enhance her healing practice.  She is an interdisciplinary artist using movement, theatre, visual art and writing which she uses in her performances to express what’s on her mind and in her heart. It informs her creative healing work with others both as a psychotherapist and educator.   


Her therapy training includes The Integral Healing Centre, Toronto, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, Psychodramatic Bodywork and Internal Family Systems Therapy. She completed her Master’s Degree at York University in Interdisciplinary Studies where she taught in the Dance, Theatre and Education Depts followed by Ryerson, Banff Musical Theatre and Keyano College, AB, Visual and Performing Arts Dept. 


She is an award-winning author in Creative Short Fiction for her story entitled The Ghost House. Her paintings hang in Vancouver, Beijing and Helsinki. She has performed in The Dance Goes On at the Dumaurier Theatre, Harbourfront sharing the programme with Karen Kain. 

Praise for On the Back of the Wildebeest:

"I'll never be afraid of writer's block again after reading this myth-defying book."

—Rona Maynard, author of My Mother's Daughter and former Editor of Chatelaine

"Trauma is now realized as not only a body-mind wound but ultimately a soul wound. Audrey Jolly has walked through her wound and transformed it into wisdom and joy. This book is direct, funny and wise."

—Elinor Dickson, PhD, psychologist, Jungian therapist, author of Dancing at the Still Point

"Infused with wisdom ... A treasure chest of inspiration."

—Paula Thomson, PsyD, Clinical psychologist, Professor at CSUN and co-author of Creativity, Trauma, and Resilience

"Audrey Jolly walks her talk on this bold creative journey with personal experiences and exercises that are engaging and affirming."

—Maureen Jennings, recipient of the Grant Allen award and award-winning author of the Murdoch Mysteries and Heat Wave

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On the Back of The Wildebeest

Audrey C. Jolly RP, MA, OSRP

Creativity is a path to the innermost self, where we find a sense of wholeness by embracing emotions that we have shut up and shut away. It lets us reconnect with lost parts of ourselves that carry fear, anger, sadness and loneliness. Yet many people falsely believe creativity is not for them. 

This exhilarating and original book gives creativity its rightful place on the journey from trauma to mastery. With more than 30 years' experience as an artist, educator, and psychotherapist Audrey Jolly shows why creativity heals, how readers can tap its power, and how to navigate the discomfort of trying something new. Practical exercises drawn from movement, drama, art and writing encourage readers to map their unique path to self-discovery while finding joy in the adventure.


6" X 9" 257 pages, paperback, perfect  bound ISBN: 978-1-7771539-2-2

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Congratulations to friend and writing client Audrey Jolly on the publication of her book, "On The Back of the Wildebeest: The Healing Power of Creativity." Working with Audrey on this project was a delight and eyeopening.  After several decades as an artist, dancer, theatre performer and teacher, and psychotherapist, Audrey has unique insights about how creativity changes us for the better.  Her work around Blocks is, I believe, revolutionary. Furthermore, the book is full of exercises to expand our toolbox, to explore our voice and ear and eye. So happy to see this rich work out in the world.

       -Sue Reynolds, writer and editor 

"As much a work of healing as a guide to the creative spirit, Audrey C. Jolly's On The Back of The Wildebeest draws as deeply on its author's training as a psychotherapist as it does upon her experiences as an artist and performer. Jolly examines people's relationship to the creative impulse with an emphasis on how we sometimes block it or, due to trauma or societal expectations, learn to isolate it and other essential aspects of self. With original examples from the worlds of the arts and the world of psychotherapy, plus a host of inventive and sensitive exercises, Jolly positions herself as readers' coach in kindling the fires of creativity, paying welcome attention to the relationship of creativity to specific emotions (anger, shame, sorrow and more) and even persuasively arguing that creative blocks themselves can "hold an infinite amount of creative potential."

"Jolly's insight and enthusiasm imbue her work with a welcoming, nurturing warmth. That makes On The Back of The Wildebeest a valuable work of inspiration even if her sentences, which tend to be lengthy on occasion take more work than they should to decipher. The emotional thrust of each passage and example is always clear, even in the instances where the prose gets tangled or repetitive. The strongest, clearest passages come when Jolly draws directly on her own experience. The original exercises, in which Jolly guides readers through thoughtful, healing steps crafted to encourage creativity, are excellent."

~ The Booklife Prize 2020