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City of Toronto COVID-19

City of Toronto COVID-19 information


Health Canada COVID-19 information

View, print or download a copy of how to properly wear and dispose of medical masks.

View, print or download a copy of Canada Health's infographic on social distancing.

In most parts of Canada, the summer is finished with us.  It's time to start heading indoors and get snug as a bug-in-a-rug. It's also time for the coronavirus to get a grip on us as we gather inside.  It's NOT back-to-normal, and it's NOT business as usual.  The coronavirus is as active as ever, as infectious as ever and no less debilitating than it was in March.   

Our understanding of this virus is evolving. Not everything is known about its behaviour and some aspects may even prove unknowable.  Keep yourself informed.


Relative to some countries, Canada has done a good job of limiting the spread of infection.  We followed the science and we poured a lot of time, energy and money into our communal effort.  Many Canadians have made major sacrifices, lost their jobs, went into debt, cancelled school plans, declared bankruptcy or closed their businesses. Don't let those efforts be in vain.  We must not let our guard down too soon or the virus will have another go at us


You know the drill;

  • Limit social exposure

  • Minimize non-urgent travel

  • Take public transit during off-hours, if possible 

  • Don't shake hands or hug outside your 'bubble'

  • Limit grocery shopping to once per week, if possible

  • Don't gather in large groups, especially indoors

  • Wear a face covering if you can't maintain social distancing
  • Take extra care around high-risk individuals
  • And for crying-out-loud, wash your hands!

Download the Canadian COVID Alert app for your iPhone or Android device.  It constantly scans for other loaded apps in your vicinity and alerts you if anyone has reported having COVID through this app.  If exposure is detected, it gives you an alert and tells you what to do next.  Early diagnosis is always a good thing.

COVID Alert app for iPhone or Android device
Canada COVID-19 keeps you informed about the latest developments from the Ministry of Health

Canada COVID-19 is designed for you to stay informed about COVID-19 in Canada and determine what actions and next steps you should take. Recommendations are personalized and based on your personal risk factors. You will receive timely updates with important news and alerts from Canada’s Ministry of Health. Recommendations and content are automatically updated based on the latest guidelines related to COVID-19

Be Aware

Stay Informed

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