On the Back of The Wildebeest

Available September 25, 2020

Audrey C. Jolly RP, MA, OSRP

This book is for artists, educators, psychotherapists and anyone interested in getting to know and integrate all of the self. 


We all have inner parts—frightened, angry, isolated, sad and lonely—that we have shut up and shut away because being in touch with them hurts or overwhelms us. We don’t know how to manage these parts or the feelings they carry. But those parts need to be connected to and witnessed if they are to be embraced and healed. Creativity gives us a way to contact those discarded parts of self and make space to integrate the variety and substance they offer to our lives.


Using personal, educational and clinical examples from her rich background as artist, educator and therapist for over 20 years, Audrey Jolly provides groundbreaking theories and practical exercises in movement, art, drama, voice, and writing. By exploring the interdisciplinary approaches in this book, each reader is empowered to design their own unique pathway towards self-discovery and healing.


6" X 9" 270 pages, paperback, perfect  bound ISBN: 978-1-7771539-2-2

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Buddhism and the Nature of Work

Available Late 2020

"A lay follower should not engage in five types of business. Which five?  Business in weapons, business in human beings, business in meat, business in intoxicants, and business in poison.”

     ~ The Buddha

For the vast majority of us, work is doing something and getting paid - an exchange of dollars for our time and labour.  It is a way of getting money to buy what we want or need.  In Buddhism and the Nature of Work, Horner takes a deep look at what, Buddhism and its related values might bring to the workplace.  We take a deep dive into four main areas; the history of work in society, work culture, the changing face of work and the intersection of Buddhist values and practices to the workplace as employee and owner.

Our work, when done with vigour, mindfulness and care, contributes, in ways both great and small, to the betterment of our fellow man.  To work is to be part of a continuum that stretches back to the time of earliest man. 

6" X 9" 277 pages, paperback, perfect bound  ISBN: 978-1-7771539-4-6